Every so often a watch gets launched on Kickstarter that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible to build as a crowd funded brand. Vilhelm Watches have shattered those boundaries with the Elemental.

vilhelm watches the elemental gray dial wrist shot

In the past year or so there have been a handful of watches that have really challenged what is possible to achieve in a micro brand, Tempest Watches with the first forged carbon case on Kickstarter, The wild design of the Visitor Duneshore, the reclaimed Mustang dial of the Rec P51 and before those, Zelos were putting out unique designs in various materials.

Vilhelm Watches was conceived over a Singaporean cup of local coffee and toast between two friends and watch-enthusiasts, Nop Srinara and Elshan Tang.

The motivation to start the brand all began with the birth of Nop’s baby boy Liam, as he wanted to show him that no dream is too far-fetched or silly to pursue – and what better way to teach his son that than by pursuing his own dream.

Nop decided to reach out to Elshan to discuss on a potential partnership due to Elshan’s proven experience in launching his own local watch brand, Zelos which has had several very successful Kickstarter campaigns. That experience has paid off with the Elemental funding in the first day of campaigning.

The Elemental combines a number of exotic materials not usually seen in micro brands and is quite possibly the first in the category to combine them. Not only does it have a forged carbon case, it has a fixed ceramic bezel, titanium lugs and crown guards and a Kevlar strap with a titanium buckle.

These seemingly disparate materials are brought together in a unique design that wouldn’t look out of place in a Thor movie on one of the denizens of Asgard. The futuristic design isn’t over the top but is certainly distinctive and is sure to attract attention, the good kind!

The dial itself is composed of 3 layers; the bottom in a brushed sunburst that positively glows in Steel Grey, Rose Gold or Electric Blue, the middle stencil layer in a sandblasted matte black and the top layer a sandblasted outer ring matching the bottom layer colour.

vilhelm watches the elemental 3 colour options

The Elemental is powered by the classic Miyota 9015 so you can expect hacking, hand winding and a hi beat second hand. With the crazy mix of materials you’d almost expect it to run on cold fusion or an Infinity Gem!

As said before and perhaps unsurprisingly given the bold design and exciting materials, the watch has already funded on it’s first day. There are still plenty of early bird pledge slots left though so you haven’t missed out yet (unless you’re reading this a week after publication!). Given the exotic materials the watch is very reasonably priced at $599 USD on the early bird tiers. You can grab yours right now on the Kickstarter campaign page.

Watch Specifications

  • Case: Forged Carbon
  • Bezel: Ceramic
  • Lugs /Caseback : Sandblasted Titanium
  • Water resistance: 10ATM
  • Movement: Miyota 9015
  • Glass: Sapphire
  • strap: Kevlar Fabric
  • Case diameter : 43mm excluding crown
  • Thickness : 14.5mm
  • lug to lug: 52mm