crowdfund roundup

It’s been a busy few weeks for micro brand watches on Kickstarter, let’s take a look at how the projects we’ve been following are doing.



Blacklist had a good start to their campaign but decided to pull it a few days ago to adjust their pledge prices to be more affordable. Unfortunately they’ve been delayed slightly with the relaunch held up in Kickstarter approval.

Keep an eye on Blacklist’s website or Facebook page for the relaunch announcement expected any day now. [UPDATE] The Streetmatic campaign is now live on Kickstarter.

Brillier Watches


The Americana Collection starts with this fantastic stone dial offering. The project has a couple weeks to go and is sitting at just under halfway to its goal. This is a very unique piece at a very good price for the work that’s gone into it.

Earlybirds for Brillier Watches are still available on Kickstarter.

Raven Defender


The Raven Defender has done very well since we first reported on it, surpassing its $50,000 goal by nearly $30k with 12 days to go. They’re now chasing a stretch goal to offer both their leather and rubber straps to all backers.

Raven Defender is available now on Kickstarter.

Camber Watches


Camber watches had a fantastic run on Kickstarter raising €38,992, more than doubling their €18,800 goal.

Pre-orders and post campaign sales for Camber Watches will be available on their website.



Pancor are another big success passing their goal of €25,000 to reach €31,292 at time of writing.

Pancor still has 12 days to go and is available on Kickstarter now.

Glad to see so many micros succeeding on Kickstarter at the moment. November/December was a busy time for watches last year and this year seems to be no different. Have you backed any of these? Which ones are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!